The Art of Rolling Incense

If you've ever traveled to Nepal or India, you know how pervasive the smell of incense can be.  Shop owners burn incense to start the business day anew and attract good energy.  Others burn incense to purify a space or even as an offering at a temple, holiday gathering or on their home altar.  I love the morning ritual of burning a stick of incense as an offering and a way to call good energy to the new day.  

While living in Nepal, we had the chance to visit a nunnery on the outskirts of Kathmandu.  One of our mala makers was a nun there years ago and she invited us to visit.  During the visit we met a group of nuns whose role in the monastery is making incense.  They use traditional Tibetan recipes and ingredients to create incense that is sold to support the nunnery.  We love the idea of supporting the nunnery while also providing our customers with a quality product.