Buddha of Compassion Prayer Flags with English Translation (6x8)

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Buddha of Compassion, also known as Chenrezig or Avalokiteśvara, is one of the most revered Bodhisattvas in Tibetan Buddhism. Hang these flags to spread the mantra of compassion. These flags display the mantra of Buddha of Compassion in both English and Tibetan

These cotton flags are surged, which enhances their beauty and durability. Prayer flags are traditionally hung outdoors (on trees, homes or mountain tops) so that when the wind blows their energy and prayers are released into the universe. These flags would also look beautiful as an indoor decoration to set the intention in the space.

Each flag measures 6 inches by 8 inches and there are 10 flags in a set. 

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1 Review

Sabrina Martin 27th Sep 2018

Buddha of Compassion flags

I bought these along with Medicine Buddha flags for myself and as gifts. Nicely made and a perfect size. Hang these in my bedroom window and on porch. Love the soothing effect they have

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