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Calm Your Mind Rosewood Wrist Mala Guru Bead

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This listing is for a Tibetan rosewood wrist mala for meditation. Each rosewood bead measures 6mm size approximately. There are 27 beads altogether excluding the Guru bead. This mala is hand strung in Kathmandu Nepal near Boudhanath Stupa by Hands Of Tibet Family. It has adjustable sting and fits most wrist sizes.  Malas are usually used for meditation, saying mantras, prostrations and so on. Wrist malas are specially used for prostration to count. When you do prostration, you wear on your palm under your thumb and do prostration. While the mala is not in use you wear on your left wrist. You can usually see people with malas in Tibet, Nepal and India specially around those stupas or monasteries.

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1 Review

Michele 30th Apr 2020

Rosewood Wrist Mala

Beautiful, well made wrist mala. Best of all, it fits my wrist.

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