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Enlighten Your Mind Bodhi Seed Wrist mala with Guru Bead

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On my last trip to Nepal I got these hard to find Bodhi seed beads from a long time friend who grows Bodhi seed trees in his home town village in Nepal. We turned those beads into wrist malas. These are original Bodhi seeds grown in Nepal. Bodhi seed means enlightened seeds in Sanskrit and is great for counting mantras and for prostrations. Handmade in Nepal by Hands Of Tibet family. There are 18 beads Plus a Bodhi seed guru bead on the string and each bead measures 10mm. It is adjustable to fit most wrists.

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2 Reviews

Brian Wilcox 31st Aug 2019


As the 108 of the same beads, high quality.

elen brandt 1st Aug 2019

Great Wrist Mala

This wrist mala is beautifully made, affordable (real bodhi beads are now very expensive and practically "unobtainium"), and very comfortable on the wrist - in short - this is a great deal. I am beyond pleased to own one.

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