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Extra Large Temple Style Prayer wheel

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This extra large prayer wheel is hand crafted in Kathmandu Nepal and it is made with copper metal and hand hammered with Buddha of compassion mantra all around it. It is similar size as most of prayer wheels around stupas in Nepal. There are hand crafted design of mantra OM MANI PADME HUM around the prayer wheel and there is also a scroll of such mantra inside the wheel. This prayer wheel measures 13 by 10 inches. You can usually see a lot of people using prayer wheels in Tibet, Nepal and India while they go around the stupas, temples and monasteries. The script is the mantra of the Buddha of compassion, Avalokteshwara, (in Tibetan Chenrezig). It means HAIL TO THE JEWEL IN THE LOTUS. Mani means jewel and Padma means lotus. This is a very powerful mantra.



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2 Reviews

Sam 30th May 2017

Superbly cRafted, authentic prayer wheel!

After much research, I chose this prayer wheel to add to my home. I encourage you to add one to your special place as well.

sbehling 18th Dec 2015

beautiful prayer wheel!

I was hesitant in spending this amount of money but it was money well spent. It is gorgeous and can be easily mounted anywhere. Excellent communication and service from this vender!

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