Extra Large Vertical Prayer Flags

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For centuries Tibetans have hung prayer flags on mountain tops, homes, stupas and temples. The prayers written on the flags are released out to the universe as the wind blows through them.  As the images and prayers fade from the flags, they become a part of the universe.  New flags are often hung on auspicious days and during celebrations. 

This listing is for a set of Vertical Prayer flags which we call' Dharchok'in Tibetan.   This flag is meant to hang on a pole using the cord sewn on the edged of the flags. The designs on this is a Wind Horse(surrounded by eight auspicious symbols and Tiger, Snow Lion, Garuda and dragon); Green Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Wind Horse ( surrounded by 12 year symbols written in Tibetan Language) and the White Umbrella Buddha(Ushnisha Sitatapatra in Sanskrit and in Tibetan it is called 'Dhuk kar.'

There are twenty Tara Prayers (a very powerful prayers that is chanted by monks everyday in every Tibetan monastery), Prayers of Guru Rinpoche, prayers of Dhuk kar and Wind Horse.  There are five vertical prayer flags all sewn together with five different colors which are red, yellow, green, blue and white and they represent the five elements. The total length of this flag is 148 inches long(12 feet) and 19 inches wide and there are five flags total and each flag measures 19 inches by 29 inches.

Our prayer flags are handmade in Nepal by a local family that has been making prayer flags in Kathmandu for decades.  They us traditional woodblocks and screen printing and employ hardworking women who are compensated fairly for their work and skills.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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