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Garnet Beads Wrist Mala Yoga Bracelet

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This garnet wrist mala is strung using garnet beads. Garnet is known as a protective stone; also known for its ability to inspire love, passion, and to ease emotional disharmony. Garnet resonates with the base/root chakra. Each bead measures approximately 9mm; however, the size of the beads may vary slightly due to their handmade nature.

Prayer mala or beads are often used in Tibet, Nepal, and India by Buddhists for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration. Malas are worn on the left wrist while not in use. Please email me for more detail and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Suggested mantras for this mala:

   "Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Ye Soha" to Lord Buddha Shakyamuni

   "Om Tare Turi Tutari Turi Soha" to White Tara

   "Tayatha Om Pekatse Pekatse Maha Pekatse Raza Samu Gati Soha" to Medicine Buddha


How to adjust this wrist mala (you can also reference our instructional video https://www.handsoftibet.com/how-to-adjust-our-wrist-mala-bracelet/):

1. Hold the mala with the long knot at the top. Use thumb and forefinger from each hand to hold beads on either side of the knot (left hand holds the bead on the eft, right hand holds the bead on the right).

2. Pull hands apart and away from the long knot. Our malas are usually knotted a little tight so you can pull pretty hard!

3. To tighten, pull small beads at the end of the strings.





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2 Reviews

JMC 15th Jan 2018


This is mala took my breath away when I received it. I love the color, the weight, and feel of the stones as I turn them in my hand. It's not only stunningly beautiful and elegant, but also very well made.

Mike 29th Feb 2016


A very nice bracelet. Great colour. Great value for the quality.Thank you !

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