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Hand Carved Copper Water Offering Bowl Seven Bowl set

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This listing is for a high quality copper carved water offering bowl set of seven bowls. Each of the bowl measures 2.5 inches diameter and 1.5 inches deep. These Bowls are hand carved in Kathmandu Nepal. These bowls would be great addition for your shrine.

Water offering bowls are used by Tibetan Buddhist around the world especially in Tibet, Nepal and India. People do the water offering early in the morning before starting the morning meditation. That is when you set up the altar. The reason there are seven bowls is the seven offerings to Buddhas in ten directions. Seven offerings are 1. water for water offering, 2. water for washing feet, 3. flowers, 4. incense, 5. butter lamp offering, 6. scented water, 7. Food or fruit offering. Please let me know with any other questions. Thank you.

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