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Handmade Green jade and yellow jade wrist mala bracelet

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This listing is for a jade and yellow jade beads wrist mala bracelet for meditation. Jade has been used for centuries and has a long been valued for its ability to aid the heart chakra. Wearing a stone the compliments in the heart chakra is important in order to release fear one may have about life. It can allow decisions to be made without fear disrupting this process. The jade is nicely complimented by the conch shell beads in this mala. Conch shells have traditionally been used in Tibetan symbolism and represent the energy in nature because of the spiral found within them. Bead size: 6mm There are 27 beads. Adjustable to fit most wrist size How to adjust the bracelet: 1. Hold the mala with the knots at the top. Use thumb and forefinger from each hand to hold beads on either side of the knots. (Left hand hold bead on left, right hand hold bead on right) 2. Pull hands apart and away from the knots. You can pull pretty hard! 3. To tighten, pull small beads at the end of the string.

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