Handmade individually knotted Calming Anger wrist mala yoga bracelet

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This listing is for an individually knotted carnelian wrist mala/ bracelet for meditation. There are 18 beads and each bead measures 8mm approximately. The beads came from Nepal and strung by myself. It is made adjustable to fit any wrist size. Prayer beads usually used for meditation, saying mantras and prostration and so on. Wrist malas are used for prostration especially. Malas are worn on the left wrist while not in use. You can usually see monks using malas in those Tibetan monasteries around the world. In those Tibetan Buddhist philosophy university, monks use the regular mala for debating. Just let me know if you have any other questions and please check back later as we are always adding more new products.

Beads have individual knots that separate them, making this wear more freely.

Carnelian is a stunning red-orange color that symbolizes friendship and joy.

It is a  is a very important gemstone in opening a 2nd chakra and it helps quell anger, jealousy and hateful feelings. It also said to clear negative energy and sorrow. 

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