Handmade Kalachakra mandala Tibetan Thangka Painting From Nepal (Sky Blue)

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This listing is for a hand painted Kalachakra mandala thangka painting from Nepal. This is a great painting and it has very detailed design. It measures 13 inches by 13 inches and it is hand painted on Canvas. "The Kalachakra mandala is a cosmographic representation of the inner, outer, and alternative dimensions of reality. A support for tantric contemplative practice, mandalas are regarded as the actual abode of a particular deity. Presenting the sphere of the deity's presence, the deity's surrounds and the range and depth of a deity's influence, mandalas are meditation devices for actualizing and embodying a specific sublime form. Encompassing the body, speech and mind of the Kalachakra deity along with the 636 complementary deities in the mandala, the Kalachakra mandala is particularly complex. For this reason, there is an emphasis within the Tibetan Buddhist tantric practice traditions of using supports for contemplation such as replicas of the actual mandala including thangka paintings, 3D constructions, and now computer-generated animations for imagining or visualizing the Kalachakra mandala. What follows are a selection of mandalas of the Kalachakra as a 3-dimensional animation, as photographs of 3-dimensional representations of the mandala, and as traditional thangka painting depictions of the Kalachakra."

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