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This listing is for a high Quality Silk Tibetan Prayer Scarf( Katas) measures 22 inches by 96 inches and it has design of eight auspicious symbol. No Tibetan custom is as well known as the offering of a kata or white scarf in greeting. The kata is an auspicious symbol. It lends a positive note to the start of any enterprise or relationship and indicates the good intentions of the person offering it. Katas are offered to religious images, such as statues of the Buddha, and to lamas and government officials prior to requesting their help in the form of prayers or other services. The offering of the kata indicates that the request is not marred by corrupt thoughts or ulterior motives.  If you want in other colors, just visit my ebay store and email me. i have five different color. The Eight Auspicious Symbols are as follow.  In Tibetan Buddhism these eight symbols of Good Furtune represent the offerings made by the Gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he attained Enlightenment.  The Parasol-

1. The parasol is a traditional symbol of Both protection and royalty.  

2.  The twin Golden Fish- The golden fish, symbolizes freedom and happiness. 3.  The treasure Vase- The treasure of all spiritual wealth and it also holds the         Amrit the water elixir of immortality.  

4.   Lotus- Symbolizes of purity.  

5.  Sankha the right turning conch shell- The White conch shell whose                humming sound proclaims the glory of the saints.  

6.  Shrivatra The Endless knot-  The endless kot or mystic diagram,     symbolizes of the endless cycle of existence or longivity of the Buddha     Dharma.  

7.  The Victory Banner- The banner signifies the victory of Buddhism.  

8.  Chakra the Wheel of Dharma- The wheel of dharma symbolizes of absolute completeness. 

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