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Kopan Nunnery Tibetan Incense Combination Pack

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 Inspiration, Relaxation, Healing and Pure Land(meditation) Incense packs are combined to give one a sampling of the different kinds of Tibetan incense burned in homes throughout India, Nepal and Tibet.  This natural incense pack is a great set for someone curious about using Tibetan incense in ritual, for meditation and for health benefits.  


 Our line of Khacho Ghakyil Ling Nunnery Incese is handmade by nuns at the nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Profits from this incense help to support the expenses of the nunnery and provide education for the nuns.  All of the products are made using traditional herbs and plants that are combined in ancient formulas. Each incense stick is rolled using a technique that honors the traditional art of incense making in Tibet.  





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Dan 19th Feb 2018


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