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Men-Tse-Khang Incense 60 pack

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There are two bundles of incense in this pack, each containing 23 sticks for a total of 46 Tibetan-styled incense sticks. Each stick measures 8.5 inches long. The incense is hand prepared by (MEN-TSEE-KHANG ) Tibetan medical institude in Dharamsala India. It has a great fragrance that you will absolutely love. Ingredients and composition: Carthamus tinctorius (41.01%), Rhododendron sp.(18.34%), Juniperus sp.(10.09%), Pisorhiza kurroa (9.17%), Rosa Satvus (9.17%), Dracocephalum tanguticum (1.83%), Artemisia sp. (0.915%, Santalum album (0.09%) etc. Uses: Recommended for religious offering, meditation, protection against malevolent spirits and some communicable diseases. It can also be used as a room freshner or for refreshing the senses. It is especially recommended for morning during meditation and prayers. In Tibet, the seed of traditionally using incense exists at an early age of human evolution. Buddhism flourished to a great extent in the 7th century under the reign of successive religious kings of Tibet; along with the preservation and development of making incense based on the secret tantric text by the great Indian Buddhist scholar Nagarjuna. Various formulas for making incense were developed by the great scholar of Tibetan medicine like Zurkhar Lodoe Gyalpo and Deumar in 14th and 17th century respectively. These were well preserved by the modern sholars like Ven. Dr. Kyenrab Norbu and in accordance with traditional formula this quality incense is prepared.

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john johnson 21st Apr 2015

great buy

excellent product

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