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Natural Unpolished Bodhi Seed mala from Nepal

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This listing is for a large natural unpolished Bodhi seed mala 108 beads for meditation. The singing bowl does not come with this mala. There are 108 natural unpolished bodhi seed beads on the string and each of the bodhi seed measures 12mm and circumference of the mala is around 46 inches long and can be wrapped around your wrist about five times whie not in use. It has great feel and fragrance to it. You will love this mala when you receive it.

Malas are used all over by the Buddhists around the world especially they are used in Tibet, Nepal and India. You will always see the monks as well as lay people using them while walking around the stupas or temples or monasteries. A Mala is usually used for prostrations, counting mantras, and so on. It is worn on left wrist while not in use. The brass counters that are on this mala has ten small brass beads on each counter plus a bell and dorje. The counters are usually used when doing prostrations and counting mantras. The bell and dorje symbolizes wisdom and method. The wisdom is the knowledge that realizes the emptiness and the method is compassion. They both have to go together to attain enlightenment. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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