Hand of Tibet started as a hobby that Tenzin ran out of a closet in our apartment.  It has grown over the past fifteen years into an Online business that provides Tibetan, Nepali and Balinese families with living wages and has allowed the business to expand and provide customers with a variety of quality handmade goods.  We recently opened a second brick and mortar shop in Hawi (the other is in Honoka'a, Hawaii) on the Big Island of Hawaii and has allowed us connect with two small towns in our community and share artwork from around the world here in Hawaii.  

Tenzin is an entrepreneurial Tibetan who grew up in Lhasa, Tibet, the son of a Newari trader from Nepal and Tibetan laborer.  Those trading skills carried over and helped him start and build Hands of Tibet.  

Recently our family of three spent a year in South East Asia, mostly Nepal, connecting with artists.  We set up a small workshop where our malas are made and visited the workshop of other artists we work with in Nepal, Bali and India.  These close relationships are at the core of Hands of Tibet.   Our mission is to support local artists in Asia in order to share unique artwork to our customers around the world.