Tibetan Buddhist Puja brocade small silk bell and dorje mat

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This listing is for a silk bell and dorje mat with double dorje design.  This bell and dorje mat measures 9 inches by 9 inches and handmade in Kathmandu Nepal.  The Dorje,The thunderbold or diamond the destroys all kinds of ignorance and itself is indestructible. The Vajra is symbolises the male principle which represents method(compassion) and held in the right hand and the bell symbolises the female principle and represents the wisdom(the emptines) and held in the left hand. Their interaction leads to the enlightenment. Also the Dorje or Vajra represents the Upaya or method and Tibetans name Vajra as "Dorje. 


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2 Reviews

marco 8th Aug 2020

tibetan buddhist puja brocade small silk bell and dorje mat

Well crafted item .

cathleen kushnick 15th May 2016


Beautifully made. Excellent quality. The coloring is gorgeous -- beautiful shades and saturation. It's mostly a mat finish with gold threading which adds life to it especially in candlelight. Highly recommended. Great seller, too. And super, super fast shipping.

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