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Tibetan Mala Rudraksha Rose Quartz Wrist Mala Yoga Bracelet for Meditation

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This beautiful mala combines elements from the earth in the lightly pink rose quartz and the textured rudraksha seeds. Both beads carry powerful vibrations. Rudraksha’s unique vibrations have been used for centuries to ward off negative energy and protect the one wearing it. Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love and is believed to help open the heart chakra, thereby allowing one to more freely experience self-love, romantic love and friendship. Bead size: 8mm There are 21 beads. Adjustable to fit most wrist size How to adjust the bracelet: 1. Hold the mala with the knots at the top. Use thumb and forefinger from each hand to hold beads on either side of the knots. (Left hand hold bead on left, right hand hold bead on right) 2. Pull hands apart and away from the knots. You can pull pretty hard! 3. To tighten, pull small beads at the end of the string. Prayer Mala or beads are usually used by Buddhists around the world, especially in Tibet, Nepal and India and used for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration. Malas are worn on the left wrist while not in use.

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