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This listing is for a tiger eye mala 108 beads for meditation. There are 108 tiger eye beads on the string and each bead measures 8mm and can be wrapped around your wrist around four times. This mala is strung by one of my long time friend in Nepal. His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama wears one like this.

"The Tiger Eye is seen as a stone of protection that provides mental stabilisation to an individual. It also improves and augments honesty, determination, expediency and responsibility of the individual. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of financial improvements. Due to its protective powers, it is believed to provide safety to the occupant of the stone during voyages. Tiger`s eye is also supposed to augment the Solar Plexus Chakra and vigour and vitality in a person. It is also proves very effective to people suffering from speech impediments due to lack of confidence or people who are affected by sleeplessness due to recurring nightmares. The tiger eye is also supposed to relieve an individual from various stomach ailments, from stress and tensions, and endows the occupant of the stone with adequate initiative and drive, to propel him to progress in life. The tiger eye gemstone is believed to be helpful in case to following diseases like rheumatic heart disease, psoriasis, otitis, bronchial asthma kidney, and also relieves high blood pressure."

Suggested Mantras for this mala

"Om Muni Muni Maha Muni ye soha" To Lord Buddha Shakyamuni
"Om Tare Turi Tutari Turi Soha" To White Tara
"Tayatha Om Pekatse Pekatse Maha Pekatse Raza Samu Gati Soha" To medicine Buddha.

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2 Reviews

Joshua 20th Jul 2018

Tiger Eye Mala

Bees find where the flowers are.

I couldn't be happier.

Chris A 4th Jan 2018

Tiger eye mala

Superb mala, great quality as always. Excellent shipping and customer service.This has become my new favorite! Thank you!

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