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Turquoise Coral Om Mani Pendant free silk bag

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This listing is for a handmade Tibetan turquoise coral Om Mani pendant. It measures 1 inch and hand crafted in Kathmandu Nepal. Ga'us were used traditionally by both men and women in Tibet. They are enclosures for Buddhist relics and blessings or amulets and serve as portable shrine, especially when one is travelling. 

"Om Mani Padme Hum" is the mantra of Buddha of Compassion, Chenrezig (in Tibetan). 

"In Tibetan Buddhism "Om" is the supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting in Sanscrit of the three sounds A, U, M, representing various fundamental triads and believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. It is uttered as a mantra and in affirmations and blessings. It is often understood as symblolizing the true "emptiness" character of reality, as that truth has been communicated by various historical Buddha, celestial Buddhas, and directly, by the true character of reality." It is also the starting syllable of most chants.

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13th Nov 2015

Very Attractive

Wonderful pendant for the price. Great service.

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