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White Lotus Incense with a burner

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This listing is for a handmade Tibetan White lotus incense.  It stimulates the Kundalini energy that lies coiled in the base of the spine like a sleeping serpent, can be awakened and brightened through yogic disciplines and meditations which no wind has never disturbed.  lotus is also considered a medicine for aiding concentration, anti-allergic and anti-spasmodic.  Perfectly safe for inhalation and environment.  There are 30 incense sticks in the box and it comes with a wooden incense burner.  Handmade in Kathmandu Nepal.  

Nepali Lokta Paper

Nepal Lokta paper is prepared with the age old techniques of traditional Nepalease artistry. It is made from the bark of the Daphne Cannabina bush, which grows naturally in the Himalayas at altitudes of 6500 to 9500 feet. After harvesting, the Daphne Cannabina bush naturally regenerates, reaching full maturity again in six to seven years. The paper and the process of making it are completely natural.


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